Mission Environment

“SAVE EARTH” If we can change our MIND we can change EVERYTHING.


Even as India races ahead to join the league of top the economies internationally, but we are far behind most others when it comes to preserving the environment and the ecology. We must stick to a growth path that is environmentally sustainable. Neglecting the environment can create havoc and the damage done may become irreparable. There is a dire need to infuse the Environmentalism to evoke the necessity and responsibility of humans to respect, protect, and preserve the natural world from its anthropogenic (caused by humans) afflictions.

It is essential to make the public aware of the formidable consequences of the Environmental Degradation if not retorted and reformative measures undertaken would result in the extinction of life.

Making new generation aware of the environment is an integral part of the movement’s success. By teaching school children that the physical environment is fragile and indispensable we can begin fixing the problems that threaten it.
It is more than likely that your children are learning about environmentalism in school, but adopting green practices will be providing them with a strong foundation for environmental stewardship. Promoting environmental awareness is a crucial part of being an environmental steward, and for this, we need to promote younger generation what it means to be sustainable to aware of the existing and future problems and participating in the change.
It is likely that targeted, well-executed awareness campaigns can have positive effects on the school's children’s knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, behavior, and habits. The existence of statistics and guidelines does not in itself solve the environmental problems.
Therefore, Sahegaami working on the listed campaigns or programmes, with the defined target and some form of monitoring and evaluation. In particular, to raise awareness of the issue and elevate it to a level of prominence that might not be realized in the absence of long-term change in perspective.