We For All: Value Education on Peace building and Fruitful Coexistence

Sahegaami sensitizes student and youth, promotes Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. Learning to live together in peace and harmony requires that quality of relationships at all levels is committed to peace, human rights, democracy, and social justice. These are the ideas that we developed for consideration for building-peace through value education on equality, human rights, cultural diversity, and democracy. Under this program, we organize children and youth workshops for gender equality, diversity & inclusion, enhanced intercultural dialogue and a better understanding of the strategies and culture of peacebuilding. The program aims to increase the capacity of students, parents, teachers and community members to prevent, reduce and cope with conflict and promote peace.

  • Through this program:
    •       1. Infusing value education.
    •       2. Promoting peaceful and fruitful coexistence.
    •       3. Advocating citizen rights and responsibilities.
    •       4. Promoting youth civic engagement.