Create a more informed, awaken, empowered, and sustainable society.


Create a culture of sustainability that we all need for our survival and well being. Evolve a system where students and youth are unleashed to invest their thought, time, and energy into lifelong learning. Sahegaami is working on its three diverse agenda that are Environment, Empowerment, and Equality through increasing student’s participation and contribution to derogate environmental and socioeconomic problems.

Thrust Areas

Sahegaami’s programmes/ projects are organized around thrust areas. As a core, this helps us to indicate our focus and plan our activities. These thrust areas are dynamic listing.

  • Education for Children Introduce children to the beauty and harmony of nature. Develop, coordinate and conduct a number of programs for public/private schools, NGO’s and community based schools children. The programme reaches out over 4000 children in UP today.
  • Communicating Environment through Media Utilize social media networks to reaching and aware the community at large.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Develop education tools, conduct training and workshops, organize programs/campaign at schools and community level, to promote reduce, reuse and recycle culture. Coordinate with the private and government bodies for the establishment of household, solid and biomedical wastes. Educate them on water, waste, pollution, and other environmental crises and ways to derogate them, through adopting new habits and techniques.
  • Children Physical and Emotional Health Develop a culture of health, educate school children’s about the importance of health and hygiene, and inspire them to practice healthy habits in the school. Look at the basic sanitary conditions in schools. Conduct workshops to support strong mental/ emotional health.


Sahegaami envisions implementing the following broad objectives to fulfill its vision;

  • Sustainability: Develop a sustainable society.
  • Awareness: Sensitize the community with special focus on young generation on the environmental issues. Promote environmental improvement initiatives in schools and community.
  • Participation: inspire and support the youth from rural and semi-rural areas to increase their participation to protect nature’s wealth and to solve socioeconomic problems. Increase women’s participation in community activities, education and workforce with a special focus on rural and semi-rural areas of Delhi and UP.
  • Collaboration: To work closely with the relative bodies (government as well as private) for initiating and implementing projects concerning education, environmental and social-economic issues.
  • Change: bring a constructive change in people’s perspective, behavior, and habits, to ensure an integrated sustainable empowerment.