India Against Plastic

About the Campaign

The campaign India Against Plastic aims to educate people about the impact of their plastic consumption on the environment and encourage them to make sustainable choices. The campaign is focused on raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and encouraging individuals to reduce their use of single-use plastics such as straws, bags, and water bottles.

eco-friendly bags distribution

No to Single Use Plastic Bags

Sensitizing people and creating awareness in local markets to educate vendor as well as customers on the life-threatening impact of single-use plastic on our planet.

To reduce our use of single-use plastic, we are appealing them to switch to alternative options such as:

  • Bring our own reusable bags, water bottles, and containers when shopping or eating out.
  • Choose products with minimal plastic packaging.
  • Refuse plastic straws and utensils when dining out.
  • Use cloth or reusable bags for produce and bulk items instead of plastic bags.
  • Participate in beach or community clean-ups to help remove plastic waste from the environment.
  • Instead of ordering food prefer dine-out.
  • Don’t pack food in aluminium foil

These small actions can make a big difference in reducing our plastic consumption and helping to protect the environment.

No to Plastic Straw

Many people, businesses and even small vendors have taken steps to reduce their plastic consumption. For example, some restaurants and cafes have stopped providing plastic straws, they have started to put a poster to appeal customers to participate in their plastic consumption/ waste elimination program, while others have switched to using biodegradable or compostable packaging. By taking these steps, businesses are helping reduce their environmental footprint and encourage others to follow their lead.

Educational Programs in Schools:

Educating youth and students through storytelling and play and student about the impact of single-use plastic on the environment can help them understand the importance of reducing their plastic consumption. By promoting sustainable practices such as using reusable water bottles, carrying reusable bags, and avoiding single-use plastics, students can help reduce plastic waste and protect the environment.


We hope that these small efforts will help in changing people’s perception, and will influence them to make climate friendly choices.

Our environment conscious decisions, and buying preferences can impact businesses specially the FMCG and Food industry which are the heavy producers of plastic waste.